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Modern Technology Demand the highest level of education
Information Technology has become the fastest growing Industry in today's scenario which is providing thousands of job to well trained professionals. India has achieved a terrific growth in this field and is being considered as a Super Power in the world.
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Computers have overtaken our whole lifestyle thoroughly and we depend on such IT revolution a great deal.Our society and economy have been profoundly digitized.Computer education is beneficial if any such course is done through some recognized and established institute or organization.Hence,keeping such criteria in mind,we strive hard to spread modern and certified IT education to underprivileged at virtually no-cost through our reliable and authorized network of franchisees throughout the country.

The interference of the computer enter in our life. Computer education is beneficial when any course of computer is done by the recognized institution or university.
About RYTHM Education Foundation
RYTHM Education Foundation is a noble mission which is sphere headed by Mr Abhishake Kumar,who comes from family of educationists and learned persons.His father Late Mr Yogendra Bhagat has been his influence and due to his inspiration and motivation,RYTHM Education Foundation has been launched.He was senior branch manager at Bank of India both at Patna branch as well as in Delhi.We at,RYTHM Education Foundation,are planning to start Shri Yogendra Bhagat Memorial awards to be given to students for academic excellence.It is his wish and dream of helping and supporting his countrymen educationally,that has encouraged Mr Abhishake Kumar to start RYTHM Education Foundation's noble mission.


  • Training for the faculties of the institution after the establishments of R&D center in the state.
  • Joint national and international social activities participation.
  • Golden opportunities for conducting big projects...
  • Maximum assistance by the regional head office by mutual understanding.
  • Our study material is prepared by a panel of experts,as per prescribed syllabus in an easier and more understandable language
  • Organization  issues certificates to students on successful completion of prescribed course
  • Valuable assessment is sent to franchisee.
  • You are engaged in a noble literary mission,please feel proud of it.